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We are the new kids on the block. For years we have been seeing English taught either as an "also" subject in institutes or simply reduced to learning grammar and its rules. This is so wrong! Who talks about its beauty, its value and its sheer indispensability in our daily lives? No one. Strange, when one realizes that the single-most important quality that propels you into a senior and/or top management position is your command over English – both oral and written.

And yet this need not be so. Learning English can be so much fun.

Yes, we know that at times English can be a "very phunny language". It can exasperate us with its whims and eccentricities. But it is also a living and lovely language. We are here to simply share with you our modest understanding of English so that together we may taste success and rejoice. And we do this in a playful, fun-filled manner. We call it the "Simplyfun" way.

We were born in 2014. We are still very young. But what we do know is that English matters. It always did. It always will. And today, its importance is more than ever before.

Samit’s English Academy was born to spread this message.

Do you wish to master the grammatical structure of this language? Is it your New Year resolution to speak fluently in English? Or maybe you wish to score higher in school/various competitive examinations and clear those English language tests that you are required to for your visa or PR purposes?

If yes, give us a call or drop us a line. And together we will journey to the summit of Success.

See you soon!



Male, 45 years, married & Postgraduate
Years of teaching experience – 14


  • Lecturer, Shyam Lal College, Delhi University - BA (H) English 1st, 2nd & 3rd yr
  • 14-years pvt coaching/tuition experience
  • English communication trainer
  • English preparation for: GMAT, GRE, IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, UGC, CAT
  • English for BA, MA
  • English (CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE) – IX to XII


  • Guest Faculty at Lady Shri Ram College,
  • Visiting Faculty at Amity University Noida,
  • Visiting Faculty at Amity University, Gurgaon,


  • Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) from Delhi University (1996)
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) from Sri Venkateswara College, DU (1994)
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Sri Venkateswara College, DU (1989)
  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from IMT, Ghaziabad, UP (2012-2015)
  • Audio Recording & Music Production, Recording Workshop, Ohio, USA (2002)


"We are specialised in English with a three-pronged focus in overseas exams, verbal and written English Communication
as well as in school exams (IX-XII)"

IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, TOEIC etc. coaching

Duration: 1 month, 45 hours

We carefully mentor you over this period. You require our guidance only. We only need to show you exactly what and where you are making your mistakes and how they may be rectified. We know you will do the rest. This is done for all individual modules and question types. And, of course, there is exhaustive practice and continuous error-analysis. Till you achieve your potential.

Verbal English Communication

Duration: 3 months, 90 hours

It’s Simplyfun. Learn Spoken English the fun way, the playful way! Communicate effectively in English. It matters. Read in groups, talk in English among yourselves, discuss and debate on whatever topics take your fancy, play many word-related games, - you simply have to experience it to feel it! Want to check it out? Come today for 90 minutes of fun-as-you-learn.

Oh, by the way! We also have weekend English communication classes for busy professionals and customised packages for corporates.

English Language & Literature

Regular: IX-XII
Fast-track: XII only

The course gives explanation of concepts and extensive practice in integrated grammar, develops writing skills and provides in-depth analyses of stories and novels. Tests every fortnight and home assignments ensure that you are always on the top of things. Chance and Lady Luck always favour the well-prepared.

In Samit’s English Academy you will develop the winning habit and the confidence that goes with it.

English Grammar & Writing skills

Duration: 2 months, 30 hours

Master the basics of English grammar. Learn to write effectively and efficiently. Discover how to write and achieve high scores

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what they had to sayTestimonials

  • Swati Gupta
    24rd September, 2018
    Samit is a great teacher, he coached me for IELTS writing module and I scored 7. From the very start he identified my pain areas and kept on insisting on fixing them. He always gave me honest feedback, which helped me a lot to prepare myself for the exam. He is an excellent English teacher and very well versed with IELTS marking criteria. Every essay or letter that I wrote, he guided me through each statement and told me about where I would lose marks or score points. Also He coached me over phone, I used to send my writings to him and he would correct them and send them back to me. As I didn't have time for proper classes, still he manged to train me well. Thank You Samit, you are extremely talented and I owe you big time :) Thanks

  • Arpita
    23rd September, 2018
    Samit sir`s classes have been really helpful to me. He is a very good teacher. I had a fear of ielts exam but his teaching techniques helped a lot. I would highly recommend his classes to everyone who wants to make their English better and excel.

  • Surbhi Bhardwaj
    13th September, 2018
    Samit is a great teacher and coach. He can really target the weak spots and makes classes truly tailored to the needs of an individual student, with the content that the student finds interesting and can relate to. He has abundant material to share on each topic and tests to prepare well before exam. I attended classes for around 4-5 weeks and scored 9 in reading, 8.5 in listening, 7.5 in writing and 7 in speaking. Highly recommended.

  • Neha sinha
    31st August, 2018
    This journey of IELTS was impossible without Samit sir teaching. Thank you so much sir your guidance and tips helped a lot. You are defiantly an Excellent mentor .Thanks once again for your regular practice in all four modules. Great help. Best coaching centre in dwarka - Samit English academy

  • Parvinder
    15th August, 2018
    Samit is a great coach and can bring the best out of you. With his experience and hard work, he can help you get the desirable results. I attended approximately 12 classes over a period f 6 weeks (was just attending over the weekends) and got really valuable tips and tricks to crack the PTE. I was shooting for 79 each but ended up hitting a perfect 90 in all sections. Thanks Samit and keep up the great work !

  • Abhishek
    22nd July, 2018
    You`ll really get a better picture on how to crack the exam. The small tips and tricks given by Mr. Samit do help a lot in making the exam easier. If I had to advice someone I`d definitely advice on getting sessions here.

  • Raman Sharma
    14th July, 2018
    Thank you sir for your valuable and important coaching. Your guidance tremendously helped me in achieving desirable score in ielts. I wish you a successful life ahead.

  • Yogita Kapoor
    12th July, 2018
    The best place to prepare for your IELTS and PTE exam in Delhi. Samit is an excellent trainer and has a very effective way of teaching. He makes sure that the student is well prepared before attempting for his exam. I highly recommend it to people who want to prepare for English Competitive Exam. He will help you get the desired bands.

  • Naman
    9th June, 2018
    Best place to command on English language with a great environment. Samit sir who predicts the weakness and strength of student. Helped me a lot.

  • Ritesh Kumari
    6th June, 2018
    Samit sir identifies the strength and weakness of students very quickly and address your weak point and gives tips to overcome from them He pays personal attention to each and every student and always reachable at any point of time. His approach is very logical and technical. He ensures you get the desired scores. He is one of the best teacher in Dwarka. He is very dedicated, there are very few teachers who are very concerned about their student. He is one for them.

  • Prakati Mathur
    6th June, 2018
    Excellent place to refresh your English language skills. Samit Sir looked at all the assignments with a fine comb and was really helpful in hand holding me through the entire process of preparing for IELTS. Must join if preparing for IELTS.

  • Satish
    2nd June, 2018
    It's been a super experience learning from Samit. With his guidance I have managed to score an overall IELTS score of 8, with 8.5 in speaking and 9 in listening. Its not just about the scores, the way Samit helped me plan for the examination was great. He gave practical advice and tips for each of the modules that I was actually able to use. Thanks for all your help Samit!!

  • Sannat Chaudhary
    1st June, 2018

  • Talvinder Singh
    25th May, 2018
    It was great experience learning IELTS in Samit Academy which helped me in getting desired result

  • Puneet
    7th May, 2018
    I had a very good experience.

  • Lipika
    5th May, 2018
    Samit`s academy has been really helpful for me to achieve my desired IELTS scores .The teaching method and tips and tricks provided are useful. Classes are run in small batches which makes individual attention possible. BEST in the market and one should go for it..

  • Sameer
    23rd April, 2018
    Helps in preparation for IELTS

  • Vidhi
    2 months
    The way of teaching is extremely easy which keep student's interest on tract,definitely gained better understanding of subjects.. the teacher is hardworking, put in extra effort to solve queries..keep it up !

  • Bhawna
    2 months
    Amazing way of teaching...the best part is focus on strength and weak areas of every student..helped me a lot...thanks to him for all the guidance..

  • Bajinder Singh
    2 months
    Samit`s Academy is very good in all aspects. Providing good quality and quantity preparation material. Value for money. Great style of learning.

  • Abhishek Gupta
    2 months
    I joined Samits Academy for PTE classes. He is very intelligent and hardworking individual and shares effective feedbacks.

  • Anuj
    3 months
    I joined Samits Class for PTE exam preparations after reading other student's review for him. Samit is an intelligent tutor and has good experience in dealing with students from different educational background. He will observe you and understand your weaker areas and train you better in those areas besides the rest. He makes you understand your strength and weaknesses. I did not have much time for preparation still he properly scheduled my classes and I scored my desired results in the first attempt itself. I would recommend joining his academy over any other.

  • Vishal Arora
    4 months
    So I joined Samit`s academy primarily because it was very close to my place. Didn`t know I`ll land up with someone who puts his heart and soul in his work. Samit is a very smart and intellectual guy which is exactly what one needs to train people like us. He will not set any sort of wrong expectations and tell you how good or bad you are, and tell you exactly the areas you need to work on. On the top of that, he has good connections in the industry through which he gets a lot of good intel that in turn acts as a guideline for us. I would strongly recommend joining his academy over any other in West/South West Delhi. And just for the record, I scored a perfect score in my second attempt....missed it by a fraction in the first go. So, spending time with him to figure out the flaws and working closely on a correction plan was of huge help.

  • Manjit Singh Chhikara
    4 months
    Mr. Samit is one of the great mentor for cracking IELTS exam. Thanks Samit for grooming me and making me score 8.5 in both Listening and Reading. It was a good experience to take coaching from you.

  • Vishal
    4 months
    He is an excellent teacher. Took IELTS General coaching from him. Covers thoroughly each n every module, made me achieve the desired bands. Thanks.

  • Rhythm Bhaskar
    5 months
    Had an Amazing Experience..Samit Sir has not only been a wonderful tutor but yes a Guide too...

  • Rahul Rathi
    5 months
    Extremely happy with my experience till now. Great place for learning quantitative aptitude for PTE. My English improved a lot. Thank you

  • Bhawna Batra
    5 months
    Excellent tutor for Result oriented and professional coaching

  • Sindu
    5 months
    Samit's way of training is ultimate. The attention he pays to individual student is just great. Even though my training was online, I would say that it was very effective. I found it really helpful. The areas where I was lagging behind was very well noticed and focused. I was able to work towards my improvement areas. All credit to Samit :)

  • Babita
    5 months
    Any word to describe Samit's knowledge, experience or efforts which he puts at an individual level, is commendable. Being myself, who has really stuck with the Speaking section and after multiple attempts of PTE Academics, I couldn't able to crack. But, he(Guru) has coached me to sail through and succeed.

  • Abhishek Gupta
    6 months
    I have attended Samit's classes for PTE Exam. He is very knowledgeable and has a good command of English. He knows the tricks and provides the required tips to crack the exam. I have scored 90 in my first attempt. If you follow what he has taught and practice the same at your end, success would surely follow..

  • Sachin
    6 months
    I attended Samit Sir`s classes for IELTS. Samit is thoroughly professional, and has deep understanding of various language exams. He makes learning interactive, and makes classes results oriented. I highly recommend Samit for IELTS coaching.

  • Dr Meetu Kaur Chawla
    6 months
    Samit's classes are very informative and worth attending. Samit is a great teacher. He has very good knowledge of language skills moreover he knows how to deliver his knowledge to his students. The way he teaches make him different. Being in education field I come across various English teachers but I found him the best. He takes care of minute things which help the students a lot. I was able to get desired score in IELTS under his guidance.

  • Adarsh
    7 months
    Samits English Academy gives attention to every detail and provides individual attention to students which helped me score high in my PTE exam. Thanks to Samit sir.

  • Suhas Kuma
    7 months
    Found the classes very good and useful.

    8 months
    The best experience possible when it comes to PTE preparation. The academy ensures that every aspect of the test is covered in detail and in class practice boosts the preparation levels with 360 degree approach. The faculty is master of the subjects. Overall a great learning experience. All the best !! And thank you !!

  • Kanwarpal Singh
    21st Oct, 2017
    Very Good

  • Tanya
    15th Oct, 2017
    I joined Samit while I was preparing for my PTE . And found it of a great help. He has been a very good and experienced professional along with very different style of teaching. Thanks Samit for all the guidance and support .

  • Keerthivasan
    6th Oct, 2017
    I joined there for PTE exam coaching through Online class. His way of coaching or explaining is very good. Unfortunately I attended around 11 classes only. After that I practice myself with the tips and guidance given by him. Overall coaching class experience was very good.

  • Ramanpreet Kaur
    29th Sep, 2017
    I have given ielts academic test..It was a great experience.. All my doubts and concepts got cleared in this institute.. I have learned so much.. Just because of samits guidance I got 7 band.

  • Ravinder Kumar
    27th Sep, 2017
    Great ideas of teaching, I wish if I could score little more in my IELTS exam but if you give proper time and focus, it is the best place to learn. Will definitely suggest everyone to go for Samits Academy.

  • Mr Gurdeep Singh
    25th Sep, 2017

  • Maninder Singh
    23rd Sep, 2017
    It was really helpful joining this Academy as samit sir helps in every possible way. This is the right place for the students who wants personal attention. Stuff for the preparation is very useful

  • Dipesh
    7th Sep, 2017
    Unbeatable in English coaching, I personally never seen kind of mentorship and guidance and technique Samit sir has. He is very polite and kind person who bring his heart out for students. IELTS and PTE, no one can beat him.

  • Poonam
    1st Sep, 2017
    Samit sir is an experienced senior faculty, has helped me score well. Its tough to find such a teacher in Delhi, who makes you succeed, no matter what!!!

  • Sumita Sinha
    11th Aug, 2017
    Great guidance and support for IELTS aspirants. I really benefited from the mentoring of Samit Sir.

  • Sheetal
    11th Aug, 2017
    Samit is a perfect trainer for any kind of competitive exams in English. He has provided me a lot of tips and tricks for cracking the IELTS exam .He focuses on weakness of each and every student and tries his best to provide the solution. He teaches his students in a very passionate manner . Overall , he is the best teacher to refer for xams like IELTS , PTE , TOEFL etc.

  • Arbind Kumar
    11th Aug, 2017
    An inspiring teacher who understands weakness of his students and does lots of hard work to overcome their problems.It was a good experience for me.Thanks Samit!!!!!

  • Tarun Luthra
    4th Aug, 2017
    Samit Sir helped me score overall 83 out of 90 in PTE. I haven't expected to score 90 in speaking and its all his tips and tricks which helped me score this much. He is an amazing teacher and always available to help/assist even at nth hour.

  • Somanshi
    4th Aug, 2017
    Samit is an amazing teacher. He focuses on the weaknesses of every student individually. He is very experienced and knows his subjects really well. I achieved a band 8.5 in my IELTS test with the help from this academy. And I recommend his guidance for all sorts of English tests.

  • Ganesh Ramani
    1st Aug, 2017
    Samit has been a good trainer for my daughter, who was pursuing for her TOEFL test. The challenge was she had approx 25-30 days to prepare for the test. He took up the same and ensured she was trained well with assessment tests, classes and spending extra time and effort to ensure she is well prepared. She did well in her test and secured a good score. Thanks once again to Samit.

  • Pratik
    22nd Jul, 2017
    As a trainer, Samit is excellent. His command on the language and all the nuances used to secure good bands in ielts help the students well. As an individual, I had contacted several ielts coaching centers - some were ok/fair. I was looking for someone who doesn't just teach what needs to be done, however, how to do it in multiple and/or right ways. After meeting with him, I had a confidence to go with his EA. Thanks for all the tips and tricks that you gave which helped me to clear my ielts exam. n100% recommended.

  • Deepi
    17th Jul, 2017
    I attended the online training for IELTS, Samit cleared the queries on spot and there was no delay. The training helped a lot in speaking and writing sections. Adequate materials are provided for reading and listening sections. I am confident to recommend this academy to my friends.

  • Ashish Girdhar
    9th Jul, 2017
    This is the right place for students who wants personal attention. Samit sir gives out best for each and every student. I have joined classes for just 5 days and i have cleared my exams with flying colors.

  • Visha
    l7th Jul, 2017
    His tips are awesome and made me score desired bands... Thanks Samit Sir. Kudos to you...

  • Nitin
    7th Jul, 2017
    I gained alot from this academy...Samit sir made me understand the pattern well which helped me score good.

  • Nipun Chadha
    25th Jun, 2017
    Samit sir have given me great support as a teacher for my PTE quest. I scored 87/90 in my first attempt, just by taking around 20 classes (at your convenience, he is very flexible as per the needs of his students) and listening to every tips and tricks he gave during the class. I wouldn't have scored this mammoth score had I not met him. I strongly recommend you take classes from him if you want to score well in your PTE or IELTS because he has a strong command over the language and knows very minute things related to the tests which boost your chances to score more than others. Also, you can judge him by the success rate of his students which I see is extremely high.

  • Jitender Kumar
    23rd Jun, 2017
    The way of teaching is good, I think he is doing great job.

  • Utpal
    20th Jun, 2017

  • Shrey
    17th June, 2017
    It was really helpful joining this academy as Samit sir helps in every way possible and provide with all the material necessary for the IELTS examination. He used to make a schedule for me so that I know how much to practice at home and thats why I was able to get a good score in my exam. And I highly recommend to join it and get guidance from Samit Sir.

  • Asheesh
    13th June, 2017
    I took classes from Samit to gear up for my IELTS exam. His way of teaching is very effective and well planned. Do plan your schedule in advance as he is very busy at times with other students. But somehow, he will adjust his time table as per your convenience. So go ahead and good luck!!!!!

  • Rajeswari Shankar
    8th June, 2017
    Thank you Samit for your guidance. It was with your help and support I was able to excel in my IELTS.

  • Sapna
    7th June, 2017
    Best IELTS Tutorial In West Delhi.

  • Dinesh
    26th May, 2017
    Excellent experience with Samit sir and life time achievement. Thank you sir.

  • Sandeep
    11th April, 2017
    Fantastic place to learn best techniques for cracking PTE. I got 84/90 after approx 20 classes. Samit is thorough professional and still very flexible to accommodate to needs to students. His coaching and advise proved extremely helpful to me. His teaching style is very energetic and passionate. This helps generate confidence. Keeping high confidence and control on your nerves is very important to score well in this exam. Regards, Sandeep

  • No Soy Culpable
    22nd Mar, 2017
    I joined Samit's English academy in January to get help for the TOEFL. The guidance provided by the trainer was very helpful. Within a time period of one month, I got sufficient practice which enabled me to achieve a high score.

  • Vivek Singh
    6th Mar, 2017
    Samits English Academy is Highly recommended by me. After being unsuccessful in my first PTE attempt, Samit helped me a lot with his expertise, tips and his different way of coaching. His dedication is greatly appreciated. I was able to score more than I had required in my second attempt. Thanks Samit. :)

  • Ruchita
    6th Mar, 2017
    Highly recommended. Good tips and practice material. Approachable and able to help on specific needs.

  • Saurabh
    23rd Feb, 2017
    Samits English Academy Rocks!! It is the best choice for PTE training. Samit, the PTE trainer, is exceptional with his teaching style and guides students comprehensively... Got my desired score after 5unsuccessful attempts...Thanks to Samit... Wish I could give him 50Stars ;)

  • Naryan
    12th Feb, 2017
    Excellent, committed faculty.

  • Jogeshwar P
    10th Feb, 2017
    I highly recommend the Samit's English Academy not just for his expertise on the subject but also for his focus and personal attention to each and every student, taking pain to understand their shortcomings and then helping them to overcome that, with a very well designed structured approach!

  • Ashwini Tripathi
    3rd Feb, 2017
    Score=7.5 (R:7.5; L:8.5; W:6.5; S:7.5). Samit identifies the strength and weakness of students quickly and start working on those. To mention a few positive aspects to be considered are.1. Analytical approachn2. Custom study material. 3. Personalized classes. 4. Flexible schedule 5. Persuasive. 6. Strong focus on reading- (as general and academic have different bands) He ensures you get the desired scores. Good luck with your preparation.

  • Atish Rana
    23rd Jan, 2017
    I highly recommend the Samits english academy because of the knowledge Samit possessed, his command over the language, and the timing flexibility especially when you are a working professional. It's one of the finest institute for IELTS and PET in Dwarka

  • Abhinav Cyril
    11th Jan, 2017
    I will not say much but for those who want to follow their dreams and achieve good marks in IELTS or PTE, this is the right place for you. Method and terminology is perfect to score maximum marks. Before going to any other academy, I request you to come here first.

  • Aarti Mukkar
    27th Dec, 2016
    Awesome training methodology. I got band 9 in reading with just one month of training. Ample amount of study material was provided. Gained 3 bands in reading 1 band in writing and 1 band in speaking. Coaching timings are flexible that makes it more comfortable.

  • Priyanka Mehla
    14th Dec, 2016
    If one is wanting to join IELTS classes then there is no better option than Samit's English Academy . They prepare you well with all the sample questions and other reference book.

  • Harsh
    29th Nov, 2016
    Name: Harsh Joshi / PTE Score: 90 / Test Date: 27/11/2016 / PTE ID: PTE000403463 With 1 month of preparation time before I took the PTE Test given my busy schedule, I came across Samit's Academy and decided to join it purely based on ratings. Following are the reasons why I strongly recommend Samit: 1. He has excellent command over English language 2. Gives you some really useful tips to, which helps in scoring maximum marks 3. Always keen to help over the phone, this is over and above the normal class 4. Very flexible when it comes to timings, so if you have a hectic schedule, this one`s for you 5. Reasonable fees. Not heavy on your pocket 6. Has a very good understanding of the test pattern, the do`s and dont`s and helps you practice the right way 7. Goes out of the way to help you if required All the best!

  • Sumeet Dagar
    12th Nov, 2016
    If one is looking to score in IELTS, I will recommend join Samit. They have lots of sample paper for practice from easy to very hard.

  • Varinder Kumar Sharma
    3rd Nov, 2016
    It was really a nice experience in Samit English Classes. I have gained good knowledge for my PTE preparation.

  • Dr Vandana Malviya
    24th Oct, 2016
    I strongly recommend IELTS aspirants to join Samit English Academy. I prepared for IELTS from here (got a band of 7.5) and personally feel that the classes were very interesting and informative. These classes have build up my confidence in the language (both written and spoken English) and it was learning with fun, as I never felt bored during the sessions Attending these classes I realized that there is so much to learn in English Language.

  • Supriya
    20th Oct, 2016
    My experience was very good I have learnt many things. The classes was very interesting. We never felt bore in this class. Every class gave us new lesson.

  • Monika Sabharwal
    17th Oct, 2016
    I highly recommend Samits English academy to anyone who wants to learn all the four modules of English language - reading, writing, speaking and listening. The classes were really helpful and interactive. Our teacher is really helpful. He catches our weak point and helps to work on it and improve it.

  • Savi
    13th Oct, 2016
    It was really a good experience while studying under the guidance of Samit sir. He provided me with all the study material which was required by us. Until the last day before the exam he was there all the time available to us.

  • Ashutosh Sabharwal
    20th Sep, 2016
    Samit`s English Academy is the one stop shop, if you really want to excel in all four corners of English - Speaking/Writing/Learning/Reading

  • Munish Bawa
    30th Jul, 2016
    As per my IELTS preparation is concerned, it was really an exceptional contribution from Samits English Academy. Flexible timing, one on one interaction and teaching based on individuals need are few unique proposition those are differentiation for me. I could get 8.5 in listening and 8 in reading is just because of preparation from material provided by Mr Samit. Thanks for everything.

  • Dr Amit Baranwal
    7th Jul, 2016
    When I started practicing IELTS 8 book for my exams, it was quiet difficult initially, but with Samit s help within a month s time I got better and better. His knowledge of subject and command on English is commendable. He gives adequate individual attention to everybody and is very cooperative in adjusting timings. Early mornings or late evenings, he is always ready to adjust timings as per the needs of students. I got 9 in reading and overall my score was 7.5. I recommend him for IELTS classes. At least in Dwarka he is the best

  • Urmila
    28th Jun, 2016
    Samit English classes are very satisfactory. Samit sir is a dedicated teacher and employs innovative methods of teaching. I highly recommend it to all those seeking to improve their English.

  • Rishi Raj
    22nd Jun, 2016
    Wonderful experience to learn under Samit...conduct classes in a systematic way. Was able to crack d paper confidently . Thanks .

  • D.b. Banerjee
    6th Jun, 2016

  • Sahil Bajia
    21st May, 2016
    Awesome teacher.

  • Mrinal Kapoor
    21st May, 2016
    The coaching benefited me a lot and it was because of Samit sir That I was able to score good in my class 12 board examination.

  • Gaurav
    17th May, 2016
    One of the best teachers for the language

  • Akshat Sen
    15th May, 2016
    My experience of two weeks with Samit Sir was above satisfactory. His preference of providing individual attention to the student and also his knack for getting personally involved, defines his inclusive teaching style. As for his credentials, his English is commendable and the way he speaks or writes it, assures the student that he or she has come to the right place to learn English related courses. The material provided is diverse and don't be anxious as Samit sir will make sure to complete your preparation before time. In a nutshell, go for it, you won't be disappointed.

  • Miranda
    6th May, 2016
    One of the best trainers in my experience. Providing individual attention for each candidate increases the confidence and helps to perform well.

  • Aditya Vats
    5th May, 2016
    Excellent centre for English studies by Mr Samit who is a knowledgeable teacher with a command over the subject. Besides teaching the subject course the teaching methodology at the academy also contributes to the all round personality development of the child.

  • Abhinav Saini
    5th May, 2016
    Just perfect for increasing your speaking and writing skills. Great English Academy.

  • Chandan
    23rd Apr, 2016
    My result has improved a lot.

  • Kunika
    23rd Apr, 2016
    My English has improved a lot.

  • Gurpreet Singh
    10th Apr, 2016
    Hello everyone, if you really want to learn spoken or written English then please visit Samit Sir’s English Academy at least once without any hesitation. You can feel the difference here from other institutions. Samit Sir teaches his students so well and confidently that every student would like to thank him from the bottom of his heart. He always remains proactive, provides extra classes and always pays equal attention to each student to build his career professionally and academically.

  • Manish
    6th Apr, 2016
    Simply outstanding! Scored band 7 IELTS in first attempt, and all credit goes to Samit. I was lucky that I met the right mentor at the right moment. Thank you Samit..

  • Miranda
    6th May, 2016
    One of the best trainers in my experience. Providing individual attention for each candidate increases the confidence and helps to perform well.

  • Bhupjit Singh
    2nd Apr, 2016
    An inspiring teacher who understands shortcomings of his students and does lot of hard work to improve their communication skills.

  • Rajat Goel
    22nd Mar, 2016
    A genuine teacher who surely provides enough practice to attain high scores. Extra classes are provided for practice and the timings also are flexible.

  • Aayush
    21st Mar, 2016
    Samit sir is truly great. His knowledge for English is outstanding. I can’t imagine clearing PTE without his help. He is a hard working man and always there to help you. My wife and I are doctors and we need a very high score in PTE but Samit sir made this possible for us.

  • Ms Baranwal
    20th Mar, 2016
    Very seasoned teacher Mr Samit, really good in teaching. I will recommend this coaching to all for all English needs as you will find personal attention and not taking fee just to complete no of hours. Superb in English, so for all your English needs this is right place to go to. I went there for IELTS exam and found that Samit has impeccable English.

  • Binita Upadhyaya
    17th Mar, 2016
    Hello everyone. If anyone is searching for English speaking course or other foreign language exams like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, I would like to suggest you go for this coaching centre. The best thing I liked about Samit is that he is never in a hurry to finish a class... very unlike other professional tutors. I tried many and with personal experience I will recommend Samit’s English Academy.

  • Sanjay Kumar
    10th Mar, 2016
    Hi Everyone It is a nice academy for taking coaching for English speaking and appearing for foreign education/immigration exams i.e. IELTS, PTE, TOEFL etc. Mr. Samit is a very competent teacher. He is very polite, cooperative and listens to the problems of his students with patience and coaches very well. If anyone searching for good English Academy, I would recommend to please join this Academy. All the best.

  • Rajat Goel
    22nd Mar, 2016
    A genuine teacher who surely provides enough practice to attain high scores. Extra classes are provided for practice and the timings also are flexible.

  • Jasbir Singh
    19th Jan, 2016
    Excellent and result oriented...

  • Bhagdikar
    18th Dec, 2015
    Best methodology used to explain the basic and advanced English Grammar. Very useful for everybody who wants to learn correct English - spoken and written.

  • Priyanka Palta
    Dec, 2015
    To face an interview was a very tough thing for me. But ever since I have joined this academy, I faced two interviews and got success, I have built up my self-confidence. EXCELLENT WAY OF TEACHING

  • Rajbir Kaur
    30th Nov, 2015
    I have very good experience. I have taken classes for IELTS and scored very good.

  • Nidhi Malhotra
    1st Jul, 2015
    I am thankful to English Academy Dwarka teacher for developing confidence in me to speak in English. Best place to learn English.

  • Shweta Singh
    30th Jun, 2015
    The way of teaching at English Academy is very easy for anyone to understand. A lot of effort is put on clearing the basics and encouraging conversation in English.

  • Udisha
    22nd Jun, 2015
    Worth the money spent and because of this institute, I am able to speak English well.

  • Sakshi
    28th May, 2015
    Very helpful place for learning English. Very clean and the education given here is truly good.

  • Ujjwal
    28th Apr, 2015
    I find myself at the top of the world after visiting this place and now I have the guts to speak in English.

  • Kumar Atul Jha
    24th Apr, 2015
    Excellent academy.

  • Sandhya Chaudhary
    16th Apr, 2015
    English Academy is one of the best academies for spoken English. Academy provides you a very friendly and inspiring atmosphere for everyone. People of all age group can join it.

  • Anup
    10th Apr, 2015
    Good place and good environment to learn English in a different way. Thank you Sir.

  • Divya
    22nd Feb, 2015
    Excellent way of teaching.

  • Pallavi
    22nd Feb, 2015
    Great learning, I have learnt a lot after joining this course and I owe it all to this wonderful academy..!!!

  • Kamal
    19th Jan, 2015
    Excellent job, teaching method is good, concepts are very clear.

  • Vandana
    13th Jan, 2015
    Teaching method is excellent.

  • Jitender
    13th Jan, 2015


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